The Queen’s evergrowing talking sword is lost in a faraway land.
Luckily you showed up to wield it back to the castle.
You do know how to swing a sword, right? Right?!

Sharp blade, clumsy knight.

Forget your power fantasy.
Slash Quest’s simple yet unfamiliar controls will put you in the shoes of an unlikely
knight with a big heart, an even bigger weapon, and absolutely zero skills.
But worry not! Just like Shep and Swordie’s friendship, before you know it
everything will feel right and everyone will be counting on you to save the Queendom.

A Short Story

Slash Quest was born in a game jam called Ludum Dare back in late 2015, when Big Green Pillow teamed up with Mother Gaia and the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder to create a game under the themes "two buttons" and "growing". After that it was years of weekends and late nights slowly chipping away at a demo, which became easier when Mother Gaia and Big Green Pillow started sharing an office in 2017.

It wasn’t until late 2018 that we joined forces with Noodlecake and Apple Arcade and several months later... here we are!

made by

Mother Gaia

Big Green Pillow


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